20 Internet Celebrities You Won’t Remember in 10 Years


The Internet Celebrity is a fairly new concept to our culture. Thanks to the old social media sites of yesteryear like MySpace, and the ones that have survived like YouTube and Twitter, more and more Internet celebrities have had their time in the spotlight. Whether it’s a funny video, or a song with a good beat, if something clicks with us, our entertainment-hungry society takes it and runs with it (You’re welcome for the 1-billion YouTube views, Psy).
We’ve had the good memories, and the bad. But like the memories, these Internet celebrities will fade into black. Here is our list of the 20 Internet Celebrities You Won’t Remember in 10 Years. It’s time to say good-bye.

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Rebecca Black

In comparison to the other “calendar inspired” song that came after her, Nicole Westbrook’s “It’s Thanksgiving,” Rebecca Black’s “Friday” seems like a club banger. One of her last big appearances was a cameo in a Katy Perry music video. We all remember her name now, and it may ring a bell for at least a couple more years, but without a proper follow up outside of her single “My Moment,” she’ll fade into the background noise of YouTube history.

Myspace Tom

As the newer generation enters social media, the early days of Myspace will fade further from memory. Tom Anderson is now happily retired, and still present on social media (he’s a pretty good photographer, from the looks of his Instagram account) but he won’t ever be the household name that he once was. And we think he’s okay with that.

Tay Zonday

Tay Zonday, who is interchangeably known by the name of his hit song “Chocolate Rain,” has been stuck in the realms of YouTube since 2007. “Chocolate Rain” currently has more than 90 million views, but the original songs he’s uploaded since then haven’t struck a chord of any type; if things don’t dramatically change, YouTube is where he’ll stay. Tay (his real name is Adam Bahner) was a Ph.D. candidate when his song went viral, but it doesn’t take a doctor to know that a decade from now people won’t know his name from “Chocolate Rain.”


PSY’s global hit, “Gangnam Style” is currently the most viewed YouTube video of all time, surpassing more than 1 billion views. No small feat at all. The bigger feat now is following it up with another big single. As “Harlem Shake” may end up being this year’s “Gangnam Style,” we have a feeling “Gangnam Style” may simply be remembered as being this generation’s “Macarena.” Now, for you younger folk: do you remember what the Macarena was? Didn’t think so.

Grumpy Cat

Let’s get this out of the way: we all love Grumpy Cat. There’s no way you can’t love a face like that. But let’s cut to the chase here: there’s always another animal waiting to replace the current one. There will be a sleeker, grumpier, more cutting-edge cat, then another one after that. The Internet Gods command it.

Courtney Stodden

This was one of the weirdest stories from the past couple years, Courtney Stodden became famous for marrying actor Doug Hutchison, who played a side character in Lost. At the time, she was 16, and he was 51. They’ve been keeping there names out there by shopping around reality TV shows and appearing in the second season of the VH1 reality series Couples Therapy, in October 2012–which will likely be the couple’s swan song from popular culture.


YouTube user MagicofRahat has been pulling off some of the funniest and creative pranks on the Internet–just check out his hilarious drive-thru invisible driver video. But, you can only think of new pranks for so long. Even some of Rahat’s “victims” have recognized him from his videos while they were being pranked. Hopefully Rahat can keep them coming as long as he can. Either way, thank you for the memories, sir.

Froggy Fresh

Rapper Froggy Fresh, aka Krispy Kreme, has gained close to 3 million views after uploading his music video “The Baddest,” to YouTube. If you’re wondering why he had to change his moniker, it’s because he reportedly was contacted by Krispy Kreme donuts and asked to change it late last year. The kid has heart, but with lyrics like: “I bet you sleep with a nightlight because your scared of the dark ’cause you stink like a fart,” he isn’t exactly going to be winning any awards.

Sophia Grace and Rosie

Eight year-old British singer Sophia Grace Brownlee gained fame after posting a video on YouTube singing Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” with her younger cousin, Rosie. The girls were invited to the Ellen Show, and now have a recurring skit called “Tea Time with Sophia Grace and Rosie.” They seem like nice kids, but the label of “former child stars” may be in their futures.

Carly Rae Jepsen

Yeah, Carly Rae Jepson’s “Call Me Maybe” was a hit. It was so big in fact that it got her a nice remix from Jimmy Fallon and the Roots, and the opportunity to perform in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. You’ll inevitably hear references to the song here and there for the next year or two, but as time goes on, you’ll remember the name of the song more than the face behind it. The 27-year-old singer’s latest single “Tonight I’m Getting Over You,” from her struggling Kiss album, is one of her last chances at following up “Call Me Maybe” with a proper hit.


Gotye! What happened to this guy? Wouter “Wally” De Backer, aka Gotye, has been laying low after his single “Somebody That I Used to Know” destroyed the charts. The single went 5-times platinum in the US. Though it feels like just yesterday his song was all over social media and the airwaves, the single was released in 2011. If we don’t get something new and substantial from him soon, Gotye may very well end up being somebody we used to know.

Lindsey Sterling

Lindsey Sterling’s dubstep violin video, “Crystallize” currently sits on more than 50 million views on YouTube. She is extremely talented with the violin, and she takes it pretty much everywhere–as you can see in her videos (our favorite is when she is surrounded by flames). Almost all of them show her in some random place, hopping around and playing. We have love for stringed instruments, but unfortunately, there place in popular culture isn’t strong. A few fans on YouTube have said that her songs are beginning to sound the same. She may be facing a hard battle in the next year.

Dino Bruscia

In another sign that America’s parenting methods are extraordinary, Dino Bruscia gained Internet fame by eating ice cream mixed with his own poop. In order to keep his new found fame going, Dino posted to his Twitter (@dinobruscia0420): “Im debating drinking shots of bleach for my next crazy video. Not sure what the lethal amount is but f**k it yolo! #turnup #famous #swerve.” Cool, bro. Have fun with that. Forget about remembering him in 10 years, because if he keeps this up, he might not even be around by then.

Sweet Brown

As hilarious and endearing as Sweet Brown was when she appeared on YouTube in May of last year, her 15 minutes in the spotlight seem to be fading as of late. Like the old adage goes: nothing good lasts forever.

Jason Russell

Jason Russell became a huge name when he released a little video in March last year called “KONY 2012.” In order to raise money for the project, his organization, Invisible Children, sold stickers and shirts plastered with the KONY name. Soon after, kids everywhere posted photos of their shirts on social media. A few weeks later, Russell was diagnosed with a “brief reactive psychosis,” brought on by extreme exhaustion, stress, and dehydration after being found undressed and screaming. Unfortunately, it seems like KONY, and Jason Russell, will just be footnotes in the year that was 2012.

Lucas Cruikshank

Lucas Cruikshank, better known as his comedic character, Fred Figglehorn, is a huge YouTube sensation. His videos have received over 960 million views. But as the saying goes, everything that goes up, must come down. Lucas built Fred as a high-pitched and annoying six-year-old. Needless to say, as Lucas gets older, “annoying” will get old as well. Lucas is 19 now, and in 10 years, he’ll be one year shy of 30. Ain’t nobody got time for a grown man acting like a child.

Giovanna Plowman

Giovanna Plowman is known as the girl who ate her own soiled tampon in order to become Internet famous. To her credit, she did. But unless the girl has more things up her sleeve that the Jackass guys haven’t already covered, she could kiss her Internet fame good-bye.


We love our little man Terio. But that’s just the whole thing about it: he’s a kid. The guy may have struck Internet fame at too young of an age to keep it sustainable—and that’s even if he wants to. To this point, he didn’t even have the choice if he wanted to be famous or not.

Chris Crocker

A mumbly, blabby, teary-eyed Chris Crocker uttered three words back in 2007 that launched him to Internet stardom: “Leave Britney Alone!” The rest is history. And that’s where it will stay. Chris has tried to bank on his stardom by appearing in a 2008 Weezer video, released a documentary, and stared in a porn video–none of which gathered any momentum in propelling his career. His music under his new moniker, Chris Cunningham-Crocker, did decently on the iTunes charts this year–but nothing special by any means.


Yes, it’s you. A decade from now, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever comes after it, will be flooded with millions and millions of more profiles, videos, tweets and tunes. Things will be radically different, and the web which binds us all together will have become much more massive. Slowly but surely, the things you have done now (that clever status update that got 500 likes?) will haved faded into oblivion. We are still at the frontier of social media’s rise, so enjoy it. That is, until the next thing comes along.




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